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My Main Areas of Therapeutic Focus:

Acute and chronic complaints of the musculoskeletal system;
Pain experienced during movement, load or calm;
Neck and back problems, instability, joint pain, scoliosis, tennis elbow, golfer´s elbow, vertical foot,
splay foot, flat foot, etc.

Disorders of the Head and Neck Area:

Headache, dizziness, tinnitus, chronic sinusitis and otitis media, jaw problems including chewing and
swallowing, managing tooth braces.

Rest Disorders:

Sleep disturbance, indigestion and inner unrest.

Gynaecological Problems:

Menstrual cramps, incontinence and recurrent urinary tract infections.

Low Level Laser Therapy


Where to find me:

Renate Strondl
, Haidingergasse 23/35
, 1030 Vienna
Renate Strondl
, Stadiongasse 6-8/Tür 26, 1010 Vienna
Renate Strondl
, 3871 Brand 1, Lower Austria


For appointments please contact:

Mobile: 0043 680 1243994
Email: r.strondl@gmx.at
Appointments are just with personal agreement possible!

About me

Born in 1977 in Gmünd/NÖ, Austria;
Early years office working and heading a function at the NÖ Landjugend;
2000–2003 Training for Physiotherapy at the LKH Steyr/OÖ with diploma;
1998–2008 Part-time regional supervisor for Gesundes NÖ;
2003–2011 Centre for Rehabilitation Moorheilbad Harbach NÖ;
From 2005 freelance work as a physiotherapist;
2011–2012 physiotherapist at the Ifor Physical Medicine at Gmünd and Zwettl/NÖ;
From 2012 self-employed physiotherapist at Vienna 1010, 1030, 1200, also 3950 Gmünd/NÖ and 3871 Brand/NÖ.


Additional Qualifications:

Osteopathic Medicine (IAO Vienna, Passau, München) – musculosceletal, visceral and craniosacral;
Masters at the Donauuniversity Krems/NÖ;
Courses for Child Osteopathy (IAO Vienna);
Manual lymphdrainage by Dr. Vodder;
Manual therapy by Cyriax;
Medical triggerpoint therapy;
Mc Kenzie concept;
FDM by Typaldos fascial distortion treatment;
MFT-, MBT- Nordic walking and snow shoe instructor.


How to get therapy?

  • By prescription for osteopathy or physiotherapy from your GP or specialist
  • Doctor’s approval from your health insurance
  • By appointment directly via phone or email

What happens at the first appointment?

Initially I will make an accurate medical consultation and a careful osteopathic and physiotherapeutic diagnosis of your condition(s). Thereafter I will carry out the therapy actively and passively. For improved healing, I can also recommend home exercises.


Please Note:

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please cancel in good time (at least 24 hours before the agreed date). Appointments not cancelled in good time will be charged.

I am an elective therapist, that is I initially bear the cost of the therapy and then receive a share from your health insurance company. Additional private insurance often covers the remaining amount.